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Dear Carl & Sites4Contractors Team,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all the hard work and creativity you put into our site. As you know we were very unhappy with the designer of our old site and pretty turned off by the whole web design industry. We interviewed quite a few web designers, and we went with you because you professionally addressed all of our concerns, and assured us we would get what we wanted. I especially appreciated the fact there were no hidden fees, and we wouldn't nickel and dimed for every little thing.

Our site came out better than we imagined and exceeded our expectations. You took our ideas and enhanced them with vivid pictures, excellent content, and seamless media. Thank you for sticking by us and making even the simplest of changes.

What can I say the site is awesome! And it works, we've seen a 500% increase in web traffic. Our most common response is "I called because I liked your website" I will definitely be referring you guys to other contractors and we plan on working you again in the near future to set up search engine optimization. Feel free to use as a reference we would be happy to share our experience. Thanks again, and keep up the good work.

Nick Kerley The Restored Glass Co. September 27, 2016

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Dear Carl & Sites4Contractor Team-

I want to thank you for the great job on my website! When we first spoke about this two years ago, I was undecided on creating a new site or just keeping my junky old free one. I must say this was the best decision that I've made when it comes to advertising my company. The cost for the initial build was very reasonable (when compared to other firms) and the ongoing seo packages that you offer are a bonus. I like that you will formulate a plan based on where the main focus needs to occur rather than stay with the same cookie cutter template.

From the launch date it took some time to see the results come to the forefront although we knew it would happen and it did. I've been receiving plenty of quality leads and great clients from the website and always hear compliments on how much more professional it is than others in the area. My conversion rate from other review sites is awesome. When potential clients read reviews, then navigate to the site I've noticed that they are staying on the site and providing inquiries for our services. Many of these things simply were not happening with the previous site and we've shown a huge increase in volume the last year along with our schedule being full for the next 4 months to come!

I particularly like your non-compete clause that will allow me to be the only contractor in my service areas that you deal with. It's a great touch and offers a complete one-on-one service. The site has grown so much and (along with my great blog) has become probably one of the most popular remodeling sites around. I look forward to the future and glad that you're part of our team!!!

Feel free to have ANY of your potential website clients contact me because I will ensure that they will make a good choice.

Respectfully submitted,

Todd Stull Remodeling Contractor September 27, 2016

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Carl, I am very pleased.  Your website brings in more leads in a month then my old one did in years. I have gotten many positive responses. It has been described (to me) as 'professional' 'better then the competition' 'shows your company in good light'.  Not a negative really-but I of course get tire kickers who just want to spin wheels.

I'm particularly pleased it had lead to 2 expert testimony jobs (small but significant as anyone searching that-is searching hard).  Feel free to take my comments and use them for testimonial on your site.

David Bekus Remodeling Contractor September 27, 2016

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Hi Carl,  I just wanted to drop you a quick line to express my gratitude for what you and your company has done thus far to help 1st Choice Plumbing become so successful.As you know, I started 1st Choice about a year and a half ago without one single customer! It was a very scary time in my life and I knew that picking the right company to create my website was going to be critical. After months of research I narrowed my decision down to two companies and with a final phone interview, I knew in my heart that you were the one. The time you spent, enthusiastic energy and expert knowledge you portrayed made me feel confident I was making the right decision.

I do have to be honest though. I did fear that the level of attention you gave me that day on the phone would not continue once I became your client. My worries were baseless! Every time I call you with an idea or concern you spend whatever time is necessary until I feel confident we have it right. And... You give me just as much enthusiastic energy as you did on day one! The proof is in the pudding though right? It amazes me how competitive of a market Cleveland is for plumbing. We have large plumbing companies spending huge marketing dollars that 1st Choice could never compete with yet when you Google "Cleveland Plumbers" we come out right on top of page one. How awesome is that! It is not uncommon at all for us to get four plus phone calls a day!

Out of all the marketing strategies we've tried, non can compare to the results we get with our website and for that I want to thank you! If ever you run across a potential client who is on the fence much like I was a year and a half ago, please do not hesitate to have them call me. (440) 812-1888. Thanks again Carl!

Dan P. Plumbing Contractor September 27, 2016

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I was first introduced to Carl of Sites4Contractors.Com via an internet forum which I frequent. In a field plagued with hot air blowing crooks and less than scrupulous self proclaimed seo whiz kids, it was refreshing to read his down to earth; easy to understand take on what is most important to me, converting clicks to leads.

In April of 2012 he provided me a very detailed proposal including a nice visual aid of how he was proposing to layout our new site. The price was competitive, but after my past nightmares with seo “professionals” I was more than reluctant. Being a business guy myself and understanding that you get what you pay for I was a bit cautious of how affordable his proposal was.

Im not really your average blind prospective client. I have been researching seo and marketing for as long as I can remember. I thoroughly vetted him, called his past clients, and researched the techniques he was proposing in depth. After everything checked out I took one for the team and hired him to not only completely overhaul my site but also manage the ongoing seo and maintenance of my site.

He delivered quickly and not only provided everything he promised but much much more. Almost instantly the quality and quantity of my construction leads increased dramatically. This influx of leads empowered me to build my company from just another good guy with a truck to one of the premier remodeling companies in my market.

I can honestly say that the money I spent with Sites4Contractors was the best investment I ever made for my business and consequently my family. If you own a construction company, the only way you will be able to turn a couple of thousand dollars into a few hundred thousand dollars in business is to have Carl and his team of skilled technicians transform your entire web presence. Every month the amount of web leads we receive increases, and every month I am reminded of what a great ROI I am getting from my dealings with Carl.

If you are considering investing in your business’ future, there is no better option for you than getting aboard his team. I sleep better knowing that my internet presence, and companies future is in the hands of a true professional. The worst thing you can do is wait too long allowing one of your competitors the opportunity to sign up first.

Matt Geddis Remodeling Contractor September 27, 2016

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Hi Carl, Sorry it has taken me so long to write this to you but I've been busy and finally have some down time. I wanted to say that one of the mistakes I have made with my business is not deciding to hire you for my website work when I first found out about you.

Looking back, I am sure that mistake cost me the potential to make hundreds of thousands dollars worth of income.

As you know, the company I originally hired was local to me and talked an incredibly good game. They had a good reputation and were part of multiple trade organizations around the area. I thought I could trust them to do a good job and over the course of three years, paid them over $20,000.00 for my website and SEO work, all while not knowing it was being farmed out to foreign companies.

This eventually got my site black listed by Google and is why we touched base. Since you took over and re-designed the site, I have gotten more compliments on it than I did all the years before. More importantly, after a few months of your hard work, we were able to get the site back into the Google rankings so people could once again find my site.

Since the site started ranking well again in late June, I've had over 130 contact forms filled out and lost track of how many direct phone calls were generated from the website. 2014 was our best year yet, doing 30% more sales than last year. I attribute a lot of this to the website and the extra work it created and because of that, we were able to hire on additional employees, grow the fleet of vehicles and help more customers remodel their homes than ever before.

​I am excited and look forward to seeing what can be done for 2015.​ Once again, Thank you for not being like the other website guys. I appreciate the straightforward and honest approach you take.

Have a wonderful new year!​

Jake Gast Roofing Contractor September 27, 2016

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I just wanted to say a big thank you to Carl for his expertise. Just a few short months ago (September 2015) I was getting ready to start my own landscape and lawn maintenance company after working for another company for a few years.  Fall is not the best time to be starting a landscaping company! I knew my marketing was going to determine whether I'd sink or swim and I also knew that having a good website that ranked well was going to be important to get me in front of the type of customers we are seeking.

After a couple of conversations we not only hired Carl and his team, we took him on as a business partner! Carl built our site and took care of the search optimization and within 2 weeks of our site launching we had our first web lead! We didn't close them unfortunately but that first lead told me that the website was money well spent and it wouldn't be the last opportunity we'd have. Here we are September 2016 and the website now ranks in the top spots for almost all of our target services in a very competitive market, we've received over 300 contact form fill outs and tap-to-call phone leads. This has resulted in us bidding on over $540,000 worth of work with the largest project we've closed so far being a $45k softscape install. It's been a fantastic year for our new company.  Before getting to know you I was a cautious skeptic about the web and how it would help us but to say we are thrilled with the results would be an understatement! You supercharged our website and Internet Marketing and gave us a professional presence amongst a sea of entrenched competitors and for that we can't thank you enough. Thanks again for everything you've done for our new company!

Cam McLennan Landscaping Contractor September 27, 2016

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Two years ago I contacted Carl to build a website for my remodeling company. At the time I did not have a website and was only getting leads through word of mouth. I wanted more substantial projects with an online presence to give legitimacy to my company.  At that time, the cost to build the site was out of my budget, but Carl assured me it was a wise investment. I was impressed by how well the process was presented, and his level of communication and professionalism. I made the plunge. I can now say that this was the best decision I have made for my business. The results were not overnight, but with time the momentum has built and continues to bring results. My expectations continue to be exceeded.

One of the most valuable tools was a website tutorial video specific to my site, Carl sent me this once the site was up and running. This gave me insight and instruction on how to make changes to my site and have full control of the content. Carl is also very generous with his time, as a client the amount of knowledge you can get from a 5 minute conversation with him is incredible. He knows how to get results, and has continued to support me and give attention to detail long after the sale.

If what you are looking for in a website is leads to generate sales, "sites4contractors" is the best investment to make for your construction company.


Grant Schlicker 5 Elms Construction (541) 728-3830 Remodeling Website October 27, 2016