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Your website won’t be any good to you or your business if you’re the only one who knows about it.  Sadly, it’s the same state a lot of contractor websites are in.  Nobody knows they exist.  There is no magic wand for SEO, no hocus pocus magic tricks, those days are long behind us.  Now it boils down to having a properly built site, lots of well-written and helpful content for your target market, a rock-solid citation profile with glowing reviews scattered about and some authorative backlinks pointing to your website.  Sound easy?  Well it is in principal, but it’s also very time consuming to pull it off correctly.

With every web package we build we also include what we call our SEO “kick-start”.  If you want your website to rank in Search Engines then you need to be current and you need to play by the rules.  We’ll put in the leg work required to create and optimize the most important and influential local business listings for you.  You may have also heard the term “citation” before as well, these listings we create are essentially “citations” for your business, a citation is the mention of your Name, Address and Phone number on the web.  The more of these listings you have in reputable consumer directories and websites the better your local search rank will be.  We set you up with the essentials

We only provide SEO services for websites we’ve built.  We do not provide SEO services for websites that weren’t built by us for several reasons.

We Do The Following To “Kick Start” Your SEO:

On Site Optimization:  On-site optimization is the stuff we do while we’re building your website.  This is the “internal” optimization of your pages, written content and photos.

  • Install & Setup Genesis Framework.
  • Install & Setup Google Analytics.
  • We Write unique titles for each page.
  • We Write unique meta description for each page.
  • We Write unique meta keywords for each page.
  • We Write Image ALT tags for every image on your site.
  • We Develop keyword targeted content for every page.
  • Proper setup of H1, H2 and H3 header tags.
  • Proper internal linking structure.
  • Integrated Blogging Software.
  • Social Media Integration.
  • Sitemap creation.

Off Site Optimization:  Off-Site optimization is the stuff we do outside of your website, such as setting up your local listings, and building up your citations.

  • Setup Google Analytics – We’ll install Analytics on your website and setup your conversion goals in the Analytics backoffice. This tells you when and where your leads are coming from and is an invaluable tool in building upon and improving your web presence.
  • Setup Google Webmaster Tools – We’ll verify your website with Google Webmaster Tools which allows us to submit your sitemap and help get your website and all of it’s pages indexed more thoroughly.
  • Setup Google Places – This is your listing that appears in local Google Search results and it must be completed within Google’s guidelines if you want the listing to be shown with prominent placement. We need to set all this up for you.
  • Setup Google + For Business – This is the other part to your Google Local search branding.
  • Setup Yahoo Local – This lets the Yahoo search engine know your business exists and will appear in the Yahoo local search engine.
  • Setup Bing Local – This lets the Bing search engine know your business exists and will appear in the Bing local search engine.
  • Setup Yelp Local – This is your Yelp listing which allows your customers to leave feedback on your service.
  • Setup Facebook Business Page – This is your Facebook Fanpage.  Facebook now plays an important role in helping websites rank for their keywords locally.

This is a very thorough approach to getting your business initially listed in your local search results.  After this work is complete there is still more work that can and will be done should you want to engage us with those services.

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