Let this page serve as your guide as to what you need to provide us so we can work together to build you a new asset for your contracting company or small business.

How Does Our Process Work?

Step #1: Discovery Phone Call/Consultation: (Request One Here)

This is just a quick phone call to introduce ourselves and get to know you and your business needs a little better. We’ll get a rough idea of your business and what you do, and then any features/functionality you might like for your website, service areas you’d like to focus on and specific services you’d like to market through search engines. We are available 7 days a week from 8am-5pm if you have additional questions.

Step#2. You Make A Deposit:

A deposit is usually 50% of the total website package price. It can be paid via PayPal or through our Merchant Account using a Credit Card and you can also send international postal money orders. Canadian, and Local customers can pay us by Cash or Check as well. We will consider a tracking # receipt of your deposit so it will not delay the project.

Step #3. We Get To Work:

There are many things we need to get taken care of before we can dive into your website creation .  We provide ALL of our clients with a checklist that you can run through and send us all the items.  This keeps you organized, us organized and you end up with a great website.

Step #4. We Present Your Draft Website:  

We present you with up a draft of your new website and we can then make any tweaks or edits you might like, keeping the spirit of conversions and ranking in mind.

Step #5. Programming The Site:

When we are finished with the design and you like it 100% then we will actually get to work and write the code for your custom wordpress theme. We are simply coding the actual design of the website, and WordPress will be the “engine” driving it. Step #6. Installation/Setup: Once we are finished actually programming the website we will then upload the wordpress software to your new hosting account on our dedicated server and get everything installed and setup for you properly. At this point we’ll setup all of your initial pages, navigation and any additional plugins we are using to complete the website such as an SEO Plugin, Photo Gallery, Testimonials Manager and more.

Step #6. Writing And Adding Your Content:

With your website on the server we can begin to load all of your content and setup your photo galleries. We write ALL of your content so you don’t have to worry about it. All we ask of you is some simple point form notes and company information such as history, services you offer, company address, warranties, or product lines you want to showcase on the site. We will load all of your photos into individual galleries and set everything up so it looks nice and professional.

Step #7. Focus On Search Engine Marketing:

Now that your website is up, online and ready to go we focus in on the Search Engine Marketing aspect of your website. We’ll be building up relevant backlinks to your website through our existing network of clients, as well as adding your website to all of the various business directories and consumer reviews websites that are available to us. As the data rolls in and we get a good handle on what your visitors are looking for and doing on the website, we can start developing even more detailed content for you as your website starts to become an authority in your local market.

Total Project Time:

Website Completed Within 2-4 weeks (depending on revisions and complexity of project) Website Marketing (SEM) 8-12 weeks until we will see any tangible results as long as 6 months if your service area is very competitive. If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are happy to talk about how one of our websites can help you generate more business with your contracting or small business website.