Many Contractors Will Spend $12,000+ On Poorly Built Websites & Badly Implemented Online Marketing Before Finding Us. 

We've Doubled, Tripled, Or Even Quadrupled Their Results For Less Than HALF That.

Websites, SEO and Internet Marketing Exclusively For Construction And Trades Contractors in Canada and The USA.

Carl Sorensen

If you’re on this website it’s because you are a trades contractor of some type and you’re looking for a website solution to help give your company a competitive edge in this new and confusing age of Internet Marketing.

Maybe you’ve had a bad experience with another web development company who’ve failed to deliver any kind of results?  Maybe you’re a sub-contractor trying to get out from under a General Contractors thumb and you want a new method for acquiring work?  Maybe you’re starting a brand new contracting company and you want to choose a great web marketing solution to get your new business off the ground?

Whatever your reason for wanting a new website for your contracting company, you’ve just stumbled upon a great place to learn how to grow your business using the web.

We've been helping contractors straighten out their websites and Internet Marketing since 2007, even if you don't choose us, we'll be able to provide you with some valuable insight that will help you move your contracting business forward in this rapidly changing world of Internet Marketing.

Carl Sorensen

Website Consultation

If You Care About The Ability Of Your Website To Generate Quality Leads Please Read On...

You're not here because you're looking for a new web designer.  You probably think web designers are a pain in the ass. We can probably both agree you're here because you care about your business and you're trying to make it grow.

It's probably important to you that your business looks professional and current. You probably want to showcase some of your most impressive work and answer your potential customers common questions about your services.

Most importantly you probably want your website to be found in Search Engines so you can generate more business and income.

That's a whole lot more than what most web designers could do, wouldn't you agree?

We help Home Builders, Remodeling Contractors, Roofing Contractors, Siding Contractors, Painting Contractors, Plumbers and more get their websites built and the foundations laid for a rock solid web presence.

If this all sounds great to you, then let's have a conversation about how we can help your contracting business

Website Consultation

Nepean General Contractors Website Case Study

Leads Generated Since 2016

Paragon Exteriors LLC Roofing Website Case Study

Leads Generated Since 2014

Island Pro Bins & Septic Services Website Case Study

New Clients First Year!

J & J Wood Floors Website Case Study

Leads Generated Since 2017

Brad's Construction Website Case Study

Leads Generated Since 2012

Great Lakes Equipment Sales Inc. Website Case Study

Leads Generated Since 2016

What Our Customers Have To Say...

Dear Carl & Sites4Contractors Team,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all the hard work and creativity you put into our site. As you know we were very unhappy with the designer of our old site and pretty turned off by the whole web design industry. We interviewed quite a few web designers, and we went with you because you professionally addressed all of our concerns, and assured us we would get what we wanted. I especially appreciated the fact there were no hidden fees, and we wouldn't nickel and dimed for every little thing.

Our site came out better than we imagined and exceeded our expectations. You took our ideas and enhanced them with vivid pictures, excellent content, and seamless media. Thank you for sticking by us and making even the simplest of changes.

What can I say the site is awesome! And it works, we've seen a 500% increase in web traffic. Our most common response is "I called because I liked your website" I will definitely be referring you guys to other contractors and we plan on working you again in the near future to set up search engine optimization. Feel free to use as a reference we would be happy to share our experience. Thanks again, and keep up the good work.

Nick Kerley The Restored Glass Co.

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Some Of Our Recently Completed Websites

Just Click On The Website Image To View The Actual Website

The Anatomy Of a Sites4Contractors Website

We like to design our contractor websites a very certain way, in a certain style and we choose to do this for a very important reason... It Flat Out Works!  The most important aspect of building a website for a contractor or any service based business is that the website converts a certain percentage of the visitors it generates into leads... We stand behind our proven designs 100% when it comes to their ability to convert your traffic into leads for your business.

Contractor Website Design

SEO & Internet Marketing For Contractor Websites

You probably already know that a website without visitors is a giant waste of your time and money.  We don't just specialize in building contractor websites, we also specialize in getting them found in the major search engines.

We go the extra mile with our contractor website packages and their SEO because we know that's what it takes (and sometimes more) to get your website actually generating calls and inquiries for a contracting business.

Your entire site will be designed around best practice SEO with proper title tags, description tags, well written content, properly tagged images, relevant schema markup and more.

We offer on-going and aggressive SEO plans for our customers who want to take their web presence to the next level or who are in extremely tough markets with entrenched competition.

Our Advanced SEO Campaigns Include:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Backlinking and citation campaigns
  • Implementation of proper schema markup
  • Research and writing of blog content
  • Geo tagging and organizing photos
  • PPC campaign management
  • On-going monitoring

We are a competent and accomplished team of professional Internet Marketers and when you unleash us on your web presence there is only way to go and that's up!

*Our SEO services are only available to our website clients.  We do not provide SEO or Internet Marketing services for websites that were not built by our team for several reasons.

Beautifully Organized Photo Galleries

Contractor Website Photo Galleries

Photos are an important part of any contractor, or service based business website. You want your work to be displayed professionally and in detail.

Using WordPress we are able to display your photos in several professional layouts, with the ease of "point and click" enlarging and other exciting features that will help you portray a more sophisticated image for your company.

We use Envira Photo Gallery for our clients sites because it's very easy to use, neatly organizes their photos and it's fast loading for mobile devices and people on wireless connections.  Your photos can be organized into Galleries and Albums (which are a collection of galleries) so we can neatly organize your photos by project or however you'd like to organize them.

Here Is A Sample Photo Gallery Below
(click a photo to see how they enlarge - this effect is called a "light box")

Here Are Galleries Organized Into An Album Below
(click a gallery to see how they enlarge)

You or your staff, or even us (your new web geeks) can add new pictures to your photo gallery 24 hours a day, any day of the week. We organize your photo galleries into your specific services so when you upload there is no organizing on your part. Choose the proper category and the photos will automatically be resized and added to the appropriate page of your site!

Photo Requirements- If you are submitting your own photos/artwork we ask that you only submit the original works and not resized photos. This ensures you end up with high quality graphics on your website and we can use less stock photography.

What Makes Contractor Website Content "Great"?

Creating great, meaningful content is probably one of the biggest challenges any contractor will face with their website.  Great content sends a clear message about what you do, encourages prospects to take the next step (contact you) and gets your website found in search engines.  We can create this content for you!

Contractor Website Content

An example of well written content that actually ranks in search engines and has delivered leads for our client.

Content just doesn't need to be well written, it needs to be presented in such a way that it's extremely easy, almost effortless for your web visitors to become a prospect.  Writing and organizing content that converts is where MOST website designers get it all wrong.

Great Content takes a long time to organize and put together.  Many people don't understand just how long until they sit down and try and write a few web pages themselves.

We are accomplished Internet copywriters following many of the copy writing greats our simple writing style makes it easy for your customers to understand what you do and we throw in a persuasive edge that helps transform them from anonymous clicker to a new estimate request in your inbox.

All of the content on our websites is researched and written in-house by our small team.  We write it all!

Analytics and Tracking

Analytics Tracking

Screenshot of Google Analytics account with Conversion Tracking properly setup. We can see which pages delivered leads, whether the traffic was organic (search engines), direct, or a referral and we can see how many leads each page delivered!

If you don't know where your traffic is coming from, and what pages of your site are delivering the most leads then you're running blind!

We'll be setting up your Google Analytics with proper conversion tracking on your contact forms and tap-to-call buttons throughout your website.  If somebody requests an estimate or clicks your phone button we'll know where they came from.

Regional Exclusivity

We only work for 1 (one) contractor per trade, per service area.  It would be pretty shady if we were sharing our wealth of Internet Marketing knowledge with you, only to turn around and sell the same strategies to your local competitors!

You feed your family and your employees families with your business and we understand that (we do too!).  We work extremely hard to make sure that your web presence gets you found and delivers high quality leads looking for your services.

*You must be an on-going SEO client for regional exclusivity.

When you set out to build a website for your contracting company it's important to understand the purpose of that site.  You're hiring someone to build it because you want to make more money with your business.  Sadly, most designers will treat you as another pay check without actually caring about your business (or it's growth) in the slightest.

When you  choose Sites4Contractors.Com to build and manage your contracting company website you're teaming up with a group of Internet Entrepreneurs who understand the value a website should deliver for a business.

If it's been months, or even years since your website delivered a new lead then it's not an asset!  It's a money pit and you need to cut your losses and turn us loose on your website.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

If you're ready-to-go or you have questions and want to speak with a real person please fill out the form below or give us a call 1-250-738-600.