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More Leads Won't Help Your Business. But Getting Better Quality, Pre-Qualified Prospects From Your Website Is A Game Changer!

How would you describe your landscaping company?

  • You're a newer company started within the last few years.
  • You're somewhat established but really trying to grow.
  • You own an established company but only want the best clients.

The one problem these business owners all share is the struggle to get better clients.  The scrappy startup needs clients because they're struggling to establish themselves.  The established contractor struggles to get more of the right types of clients so they can remain profitable.  In all three cases, the root of your problem is a marketing problem.

30 years ago you could call yourself "AAA Landscaping" get an add in the Yellow Pages and be at the top of the list in the phonebook.  You were in business and getting calls.  Now the medium is the Internet and if you don't bring your "A" game you're losing business to your competitors that do.

We've been helping landscaping contractors look more professional and generate more and better quality leads with local marketing since 2008.  We do this by transforming their website into their most potent marketing weapon in their advertising arsenal.

You're a landscape contractor, you have projects to manage, estimates to do, employees to manage and keep busy, suppliers to pay, a family to support, and many other tasks you need to give attention to each day.  The last thing you want to deal with is your website and digital marketing... But, deep down you know you have too.

If you’re a landscape or lawn care contractor there is only one thing keeping your company in business.  Paying clients!  So, how are you getting your best, most profitable clients right now?

If you’ve been in business any length of time you know that all clients are not created equal.  Some clients trust you and your reputation, others seem to think you should work for free or with minimal profit.  I speak with landscapers everyday who tell me they’re “really busy”.  Or they’ll tell me they don’t really need a great website because they are so backlogged with work.

It’s funny when they tell me this because with a little probing, the picture becomes clear.  They often are really busy, that’s no lie.  But, usually they’re busy dealing with the wrong leads and undesirable clients.  They're busy all right, but not really making good money or growing.

For example…. Your passion is building beautiful $50k - $200k+ outdoor living spaces but you’re too “busy” doing small projects.  If you’re too busy doing the wrong type of projects then you don’t have a client problem.  What you have is a marketing problem!

More often than not it’s usually a combination of several problems.  Such As:

  • Nobody can find your business online when they search for your services.
  • Your website is too amateur looking and turns your ideal clients away.
  • You don’t have enough amazing photos of the landscapes you’ve transformed.
  • You have little or no online reviews, possibly even some negative ones.
  • Your ad copy is poorly written and doesn’t resonate with your clients.
  • Your marketing calls-to-action are so weak it doesn't encourage anyone to act.

Do you think your business struggles with any or all of the above problems?  If you said, "No" then you probably don't need any help with marketing and there isn't much point in learning the tricks I have to share.

If on the other hand you struggle to get your share of the top tier clients in your area then you've come to the right place.  Below you're going to learn why our approach works so well for landscaping and lawn care companies.

Don’t Let Your Amatuer Looking Website Scare Away GREAT Potential Clients!

As a landscaper you’re not really in the business of landscaping.  Sure, you certainly are a landscaping company but that’s not really what your client buys from you.  They are buying a dream or status.   Maybe their dream is a backyard patio with an outdoor cooking area? Or maybe they want a retaining wall to carve out some sloped land?  Maybe they just want someone to care and maintain their intricate landscape?

You’re really in the business of making your clients' properties more beautiful and more enjoyable.  You’re in the business of improving their curb appeal.  Increasing their property value.  Helping them become the envy of their friends and neighbors.  You’re in the business of making their property the nicest looking on the street.

You’re in an industry filled with client “wants” and not necessarily client “needs”.  You must make yourself stand out and elevated above the competition.

A crappy DIY or cheap website simply can't convey the quality of your work or seriousness as a business.  In fact, it works against you!  Cheap, crappy or poorly built websites usually attract cheap, crappy clients, if they attract any at all!  That’s just a fact!

We’ve solved this problem for our clients by developing our own, in-house, eye-catching layouts.  We build awesome looking websites using designs that have been proven to work at converting visitors into new leads.  You'll be proud to show it off!

Many Landscaping Contractors Waste THOUSANDS Of Dollars On Poorly Built Websites & Badly Implemented SEO Before Finding Us.

Here's What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say...

Facebook Reviews
Google Reviews


As a business owner for 27 years, the best decision I have ever made was having sites4contractors do what they do best, creating amazing websites. Couldn’t be happier with the results and the amount of leads my site has received since it was first built. Completely changed my business. Would highly recommend.


Carl Sorenson, owner of, didn’t keep his word to my company; He exceeded it. As an entrepreneur of 20+ years, it is rare indeed to be on the receiving end of a company that returns phone calls, and delivers a product or service as promised. Lots, and I mean LOTS, of people promise to deliver a “great website.” delivers. One of my companies, DRR Drywall Repair, recently completed a $30,000+ contract for the State of Florida. Why? We had a good website. Carl’s website. The designed website. Our timeline of ROI looked something like this. After seeing another contractor online Michigan brag how he had received “over 17 calls the last week for exterior work” in the WINTER, I got curious. I reached out to Carl, reviewed some of his work, and set up a time to talk via the contact portal on his site- Carl interviewed us, and gave us the option to pursue business with him on Feb 4th. He spent nearly an hour and a half on the phone with us, making sure that his product and our business ethics would be a good fit. We accepted his proposal on Feb 22nd. Our site went “live” on Mar 18th. March 28th, most major website edits/tweaks were completed. April 30th, at 9:01 AM is when the initial call for the $30k+ project came in. Our new website was the reason the operations supervisor reached out to us, and left a voicemail. Carl’s company isn’t here to, ”grab your money and run.” He offers an attractive package, at an affordable price point, with easy pay terms. To date, he has responded no less than 12 times via email to get our website exactly how we needed it. Additionally, Carl integrated, at his company’s expense, a text notification system that allows us to see when a client is attempting to reach out to us, even if they aren’t able to fill out the entire form before submitting it. As a contractor in the field with limited data coverage at times, having that accessibility and redundancy of communication systems allows my company to continue to provide the level of service that we are known for. Specifically geared towards trade professionals and contractors, our WordPress based site, with intuitive plug-ins and fast load times, means that near instantaneous data exchange occurs between the prospective client and our online presence. The reviews tab that shows up on every screen is just obtrusive enough to encourage folks to find out WHY they should use our company. In short- If you are a tradesman, or in the construction industry, you should use for your website. Our Website-


Carl has done a great job with my website. I used a DIY for many years but didn't have any proper SEO set up. I finally pulled the trigger and selected Carl for my new website, and I've been very happy. He has great insight into what your site needs to get you in front of the people you want to be in front of.


Carl and his team have done a fantastic job with our web development for our company. He is knowledgeable- they develop fresh content that is relative and accurate to our construction trades. Not only did they develop our website, they continually provide monthly services that got us to, and keep us at the first page of Google for most of the keywords we target. Given that our only two forms of advertising are our website and word-of-mouth, Sites4Contractors has been a key part of business growth. I strongly recommend Carl, his company, and his service to anyone in need. Keep it up!


I got my website built by Sites4Contractors. It was a great experience. They really understood what I needed and got the website done in timely manner. I would definitely recommend Carl and his company to my friends and family.


Carl and Sites4Contractors have built me 2 great websites. They provide great ROI and have helped us build our web presence. Carl says what he'll do, and does what he says, and often more! A rare characteristic these days. Highly recommend the sites4contractors team.

Here's How We Build Your New Landscaping Website - The Right Way

No matter how much money you've spent on your website, if it's not setup to attract more and better quality clients, it's a digital paper weight.  There are many web developers selling landscaping contractor websites and they have little to no idea what it actually takes to make a website rank and convert visitors into leads.

You don't want to waste your money on somebody who is throwing mud at the wall, hoping some will stick.  If you've already spent your money on one or two clueless web developers then we're preaching to the choir.  You already know the opportunities it's cost your business.  This doesn't have to be painful.

Our strategy starts with a great looking website.  Next we carefully craft some amazing targeted content for your services.  Then we sprinkle in your branding and colors, photos of completed projects, and a good review profile, and you have all the right ingredients for an unbeatable web presence.

If you think you already have an awesome website and you couldn't possibly do better or get better results then don't waste your time reading any furter.  I can't help you.

Well Written Targeted Content For Each Of Your Specific Landscaping & Lawn Care Services Is The Key To Getting Found

If you want your website to draw in traffic and get found you need to be relevant to the searches being made in your area.  What most contractors do with their website (usually in an effort to keep costs down) is try and list everything they do on a single “services” page.

This is very confusing to a search engine algorithm that cannot figure out what your page is about.  As a result, your website just doesn’t get found.  Your website is deep in the search engine abyss of obscurity.

To fix that problem we create individual pages for every service that you want to target.  We spend the time to write great content that positions you as an expert in your field.  It’s well-written, educational, compelling, and persuasive enough to convince your visitors to take action.

The result of our hard work is that you have a much larger page footprint.  You become much more relevant to the people searching for particular services in your area.

If somebody in your area searches for “paver patio construction” and you have a dedicated page all about paver patios, you’re much more relevant to their search.  As a result, you are much more likely to be found.

Remember, it’s not your “website” that people find in Google.  It’s your “website pages”.  Therefore, the more targeted and relevant pages you have the more opportunities you have to get found.  It's just simple math.

So what pages does your average landscaping or lawn care company need?  Well, that depends entirely on what services you really want to push!

For Your Typical Landscaping Company You Might Want Pages For Some Or All Of The Following Services:

  • Landscape Installations
  • Landscape Maintenance
  • Lawn Care
  • Front Yard Landscaping
  • Back Yard Landscaping
  • Outdoor Patio Construction
  • Interlocking Brick Pavers
  • Wood Deck Construction
  • Wood Fence Construction
  • Artificial Turf Installation
  • Water Feature Construction
  • Sod Installations
  • New Lawn Installations
  • Lawn Fertilization
  • Irrigation System Installations
  • Irrigation Blow Outs
  • Spring Clean Ups
  • Fall Clean Ups
  • Yard Clean Ups
  • Power Washing
  • Garden Construction
  • Pond Construction
  • Landscape Designs
  • Lawn Pest Control
  • Retaining Wall Construction
  • Property Grading
  • Drainage Problems
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Planting
  • Cedar Hedge Planting
  • Hedge Pruning and Trimming
  • Mulch Spreading
  • Landscape Lighting

When you hire us to build your website you'll have wonderfully written content for each of the services you provide.  As you can imagine this takes many many hours of research and writing.  DIY websites or low-cost web designers simply don't have the time to go into this level of detail.

It's this level of detail in our written content for each of your landscaping services that sets our websites head-and-shoulders above our competitors.

Great Photos Of Your Work Will Help Sell More Jobs & Will Attract Better Clients!


If you really want to make an impression on potential clients than having beautiful photos of your work isn't negotiable.  It's a requirement if you want your web presence to stand out above your competition.

Mistake #1.  Creating a photo gallery page.

This is pretty common with DIY or low cost websites.  Because they don't have the time to do it right.  When you create a mixed gallery of your photos you create work for your potential client.

How Do We Do It Better?

We try and avoid creating a "gallery" page and instead we organize your photos based on the particular service.  If someone visits your retaining wall page they're going to see all your photos of completed retaining walls.  If they visit your lawn installation page they'll see all your photos of new lawns.

Organizing your photos onto their specific service pages increases relevancy.  It's easier to navigate and builds trust and credibility with your visitors.

Mistake #2.  Lack Of Before & After Photos

You're in the visual business, period.  High quality before and after photos of your work will be one of your best selling tools.  Most landscapers don't take enough before and after photos.  If they do, they are often poorly displayed or not displayed at all.

How Do We Do It Better?

We organize your before and after photos into an engaging display.  If you have enough we organize them based on your particular service.  If you have several before and after photos of backyard patios you've installed, we'll put an engaging display on your paver patio page.

Which Before & After Photos Do You Think Are More Engaging?


This is a boring and lazy way to share your project photos.

This creates engagement and keeps visitors on your website.

It might seem like such a subtle difference but it's these little differences that make YOUR website stand out above the competition.  Before and after photos sell the dream to your potential clients better than you ever could with words!

Imagine having several of these sliders on your website for each service.  How cool do you think your potential clients would think that is?  You can even use them as sales closers when you're out on consultations or estimates.  With a swipe of your finger on your tablet you can quickly show potential  clients the dramatic difference you've made on other clients properties.  Your before and after photos will pay for themselves many times over.

By increasing engagement you increase time spent on your website.  When you increase the time potential clients spend on your website you increase your chance of them trusting you and taking action by reaching out.

Leads Are Great - But Pre-Qualified Leads Are Even Better. Here's How We Pre-Qualify Your Leads With Your Content!

Price... As a landscaping contractor you already know how this works.  You get a lead and the nice husband and wife want a sprawling outdoor living area in their backyard. Without pre-qualifying them, and against your better judgement you schedule a time to meet with them.

You get everything you need ready for the consultation,  you drive 40 minutes one way to meet them at their project, and only a few minutes into your appointment, you find out they can't possibly afford your services.

You wasted all that time in traffic, wasted the fuel, and wasted your time standing there talking about a project they can't possibly afford.  You've probably done this many many times.

Here's how we fix that with your website content!

It's called "price range" content.  And it's actually really simple.  Instead of putting prices for particular projects on your website (which would be impossible) we instead provide a price range.  We also include a price disclaimer letting them know some of the variables that will affect the pricing on their specific project.  We prompt them to contact you for an on-site consultation if they would like firm pricing.  Check out the example below for retaining wall construction.


This type of content helps you in a number of different ways.

#1.  It prequalfies your prospects based on a MINIMUM cost.  In this example, the small wall starts at $3000.  If they can't afford that, they're not going to call you.

#2.  It provides valuable information to your potential prospect regarding their project that very few if any other contractors in your area will be providing without an on-site visit.

#3.  You're dealing with a much higher quality of prospect if they follow through and contact you.  If they cant afford your price ranges they won't bother to contact you.  It might not sound like it but that's a win for you!

#4.  It increases your relevancy in search engines as potential clients are always searching for pricing information on particular landscaping projects.  If you're providing that information you are much more likely to be found.

Are you sick and tired of wasting your time dealing with poor quality prospects?  This is a GREAT way to pre-qualify your prospects based on their budget.  No awkward conversation required!

An Awesome Blog Without All The Writing. We've Done It All For You So You Generate More Traffic.


You've probably heard that blogging is a great way to get more traffic to your website.  Well, it definitely is!  We launch every new landscaping website with up to 20 professionally written blog posts.

These posts have been pre-written by our in-house writing team on popular landscaping topics that your potential clients are searching for.  This well written content positions you as an authority and your website as a valuable local resource.

Here's A Few Sample Blog Post Titles:

  • Landscaping Ideas For Sloped Yards (1236 words)
  • Backyard Landscaping Ideas Without Grass (1554 words)
  • A Homeowners Guide To Property Grading (1112 words)
  • Landscaping Tips To Help Sell Your Home (1263 words)
  • 5 Things A Homeowner Should Know Before Building A Retaining Wall (1463 words)
  • There is 20 more and growing (sorry we can't list them all - the competition is watching!)

We can tailor these articles to your specific region reflecting climate, plant hardiness zones, plant types, and more.  We are continually expanding this content library and we'll add future articles into your website as well at no charge as long as we're still managing your website.  You are free to share them on social media and link them back to your website.

Your Finished Projects Are A Great Source Of Traffic And New Customers. Here's How...


Don't worry, you won't be creating these on your own.  All we need from you is the raw material emailed to us.  We'll create beautiful project case studies to showcase the projects you're most proud of.

This is a very effective guerilla tactic to drive more free traffic.  Google LOVES this type of local content and it's easy to get your specific landscaping projects ranking in your service areas.

In the example photo above the project was a "Failed Retaining Wall Replacement In Granville, Ohio".  Our clients project case study is number one in Google for that keyword in their area.  Their website page for "retaining wall construction" is number two.

In addition, Google has picked up the project photos and they are all ranking on the first page as well.  This is an effective way to get more screen real estate in search results.  Your competitors aren't doing this and most web designers aren't either!

Here's The Details We Need From You:

  • A short summary of the clients problem.
  • The solution you implemented to fix their problem.
  • Any specific materials that were used. (a specific type of landscape block for example)
  • The price range of the project. (eg.  "This project was between $25,000 and $35,000").
  • The city or town the project was completed in.
  • 5-10 photos of the project.

We can add as many project posts as you can send us on a monthly basis.  This is one aspect of content creation that we rely heavily on your cooperation for.  Without the raw material provided by you or your staff we can't employ this very effective content strategy.

These detailed case studies share much more information than simple photos of a project.  They create new opportunities to be found while also showcasing the work you're most proud of.

Your Business Must Have An Excellent Reputation. Consumers Trust Online Reviews. Here's How We Help You Get More!

In today’s online ecosystem consumers trust the recommendations of their peers.  You can shout from the rooftops that your company and you workmanship is superior.  The problem is that every landscaper says they're the best.  Consumers need a way to make their choice easier.

This is why reviews carry so much weight with consumer decisions.  It’s pretty simple… If you have less reviews than your competition you’re at a big disadvantage.  So, how do you get more?

Contractors typically struggle in this area because reviews aren’t easy to get.  Customers often promise to leave one but they either forget or don’t know how.  We’ve taken away the complexity and made it dirt simple.  We give every client access to our in-house review gathering mobile app.  You can quickly request reviews from your clients with a couple taps on your phone.  Your clients can leave them just as easily without any hassle.

You can forget about trying to teach your clients how to leave you a review.  Just use our app and start gathering more reviews within minutes!  It's included with your website.

We also have our own app to display the reviews on your website so your potential clients can see your Google and Facebook reviews all over your website.  There should be no question that you’re a credible, trustworthy company.


The mobile review gathering app is just added value we provide for you as a client.  Your use of the app, including the customer review display on your website are part of your package.  We don't have any competitors offering their own review gathering app for their clients to use.

Good reviews from your customers are incredibly important to the success of your online presence.  We know this and it's why we've made every effort to make review gathering and displaying as easy as possible for you.

There are several 3rd party services out there for gathering customer reviews but they are $100-$250 per month to use!  Our app was developed in-house, specifically for our clients.

Here's What You Can Expect With Your New Website...

A Beautiful Design

If you want the best clients you need to have a GREAT looking website.  It must be easy to navigate, it must showcase your best work, and it must convince your visitors that you are the best remodeling contractor in your area.

On Page SEO

On Page SEO includes everything we do when building your site.  We guarantee your "On Page SEO" will be rock solid and we don't get lazy or cut corners.  It's hours of extra work for us, but you know it's done right!

Mobile Friendly

Your website needs to be responsive and work well on all types of mobile devices including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.  We make sure your website looks awesome, is easy to navigate, and provides a fantastic user experience on every type of device.

Project Photo SEO

You'll have a beautiful photo gallery and your landscape project photos will have proper filenames, proper image meta-tags and be optimized and resized for fast loading.  An opportunity wasted by many of your competitors.

Bold Calls To Action

We make it super easy for your website visitors to become new leads for your business by strategically placing bold calls-to-action throughout the website.  This includes contact forms and tap-to-call buttons for mobile users.

Before & After Photos

We increase engagement on your website with beautiful before and after sliders.  Your visitors can interact with your website and see the dramatic difference you've made on your clients properties.

Proper Meta Tags

We hand craft all of your page titles and meta tags so they are unique for each page of your website.  They follow best practices and will entice visitors to click your listings that show up in the search engines.

Service Pages

We create an optimized page for each key (profitable) service you offer.  This increases your page "footprint" and your opportunity to be found.  You won't find us building skimpy little five page websites.  

Defined Service Area

We create an optimized page for each of your core service areas you'd like to work.  We call these "Service Area" pages.  We try to target wealthier, more affluent areas where people who can afford your services reside.

Well Written Content

We write all of your content in-house.  We've honed our web copywriting skills over many years and we write persuasive and engaging content that increases your relavancy and positions you as the expert in your field.

Google Analytics

We setup and install Google Analytics so we can effectively track your website activity such as how many visitors you receive, what pages they visit, your bounce rate, and which pages are generating leads.  We only make data driven decisions.

Schema Markup

Schema is "microdata" that helps send signals to the search engines about your content and what it's about.  Very few designers implement schema because they don't know how or are too lazy.  Not us!

Google Search Console

We set up Google Search Console for you and submit your sitemap to Google.  Google Search Console is a service offered by Google to monitor the search traffic to your website.  We can see valuable data including the keywords you're being found for.

Optimized Blog Posts

We write informational and engaging blog posts to help draw in more targeted search traffic.  Our competitors often out-source this work to cheap writers over-seas.  We write all of your content in-house.

Optimized For Speed

We use WP Rocket to make sure your website is optimized for speed and loads quickly on all devices.  Your website will get a high score with Google's page speed testing tool.  Faster sites get a ranking edge and lower bounce rate.

Off-Page SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)

Ater your new landscaping website has been completed we begin your off page SEO campaign.  "Off Page" SEO is what happens "off" your website and involves items like social media profiles, local citation building, targeted backlink building, community outreach, local publicity, and analyzing your top-ranked competitors websites (for more opportunities).  We spend many hours of time on this aspect of your Internet Marketing.

This is one area of Internet Marketing where it's extremely easy to be taken advantage of because you really don't know what your web guy/gal is or isn't doing.  We document everything and provide it you!

Here's What To Expect With Your "Off-Page" Optimization.

Citation Building

When your NAP (Business name, address, phone number) is on another website it's considered a "citation".  Accurate and up-to-date citation profiles contribute to your rank in Google Maps.  We build them for you.

Social Media Profiles

We'll setup all the most important social media profiles for your business.  This helps boost engagement with your website, and increases your "social credibility".  Social media profiles are also great backlinks.

Targeted Backlinks

Backlinks are like citations, except they "link" to your website.  This builds your "authority" and really propels your site up the ranks.  We build out a relevant and targeted backlink profile for your website.

Community Outreach

We search for local opportunities in your area where you can sponsor local community events or organizations.  In turn you get a backlink from their website.  These local backlinks are very powerful.

Local Publicity

We reach out to local media agencies in your area to search for opportunities for your business to be featured.  This is another source of powerful, local backlinks that really drive your site up the ranks.

Competitor Analysis

We look at your top-ranked competitors websites with powerful software that finds all of their citations and backlinks.  We then go and acquire all of their best, most valuable citations and backlinks for you!

Facebook Ads

We can setup your Facebook Ad campaign to help you promote specific seasonal services.  Facebook is a great way to start building your local brand for only a few dollars a day.

Retargeting Ads

We can track your website visitors using pixels.  We can then follow them around with your advertisements and banners on Facebook and other websites they might be surfing.

Google Ads Setup

We can setup and manage your Pay-Per-Click campaign using Google Ads.  You can put your website to work instantly and start showing up for the most profitable keywords in your area.

The Cold Hard Truth About Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO isn't something that just get's sprinkled on top of a website after it's built.  I've had many conversations with landscapers who call me up and say "Hey, Carl, I had a website built and now I need some SEO".  These conversations always end the same way!  One quick look at their website and I can spot all of the corners that were cut and why SEO would be a complete waste of time.

If your web designer tells you that you'll need to hire someone else to search engine optimize your website it's a big waving red flag.  They don't really know what they're doing!

Most of the people building websites out there, especially if the price is low, are clueless when it comes to building out an effective web presence, let alone the intricacies of SEO.  With the software of today ANYBODY with a laptop can put together a "pretty" website.  This doesn't make them a marketing expert nor does it make them an SEO "guru".

Rock-solid, SEO practices start from the ground up construction of your website.  There are many little details and specific tasks that must be completed.  It's for that very reason, we don't take on clients who want to hire us solely for SEO services.  If we're going to get a client results we need to be in charge of building the website right from the beginning.

I've Explained To You How We'll Give Your Landscaping Company An Unfair Advantage

We follow a proven system that we know works like a hot damn for our landscaping contractors all over North America.

The Quick Discovery Process

We want to know about your local market, who you compete with, what your most profitable services are, and what specific cities, towns, or suburbs you'd like to get projects from the most.  We need to know your business goals and who your ideal clients are.  Without this critical data we'd be just like every other web designer cranking out useless websites.

We Build Your Kickass Website

As long as we don't already work with a competitor in your area we can build your website.  We handle the design, the content writing, all of your photos, and the entire creative process.  We actually need very little input from you after our initial conversation.  We've got a formula and a system, let us put it into play for you!

We Complete Your Search Engine Optimization

Once we have a live and working website then we get to work immediately on your Search Engine Optimization.  We're aggressive and fast because we know you need results.  We immediately get to work on your citation profile and uncover as many backlinking opportunities as we can to help boost your site up the ranks.

You Get To Enjoy More & Better Clients

We know our websites get found and convert those visitors into new, pre-qualified leads.  Your website is going to become an invaluable asset for your company.   You'll be thrilled with the results it delivers.  You'll have a team of experienced online marketers handling your website and digital marketing.

So, Do You Think You Meet Our Qualifications As An Ideal Client? We're Very Selective On Who We Work With....

We only want to work with landscaping companies that we know we can get amazing results for.  We want to work with companies who see the value in our service and understand what great marketing can do for their company.  And they don't mind paying for quality, and value that we deliver.  If you're looking for a cheap website solution, we're not the team for you.

If you're looking for a web development company who will put out the effort to help your business grow and remain profitable just as if it were there very own, you've finally found the team that can do it!

You're A Landscaping Professional

We only want to work with professional landscaping contractors who take their trade seriously and care about their image.

You Have Great Branding In Place

Great branding starts with a nice looking logo.  Wraps or decals on trucks and trailers help too.  If you don't have any branding we can certainly help you out.  Great branding is a key to this puzzle.

You're A Great Communicator

It makes our job much easier when you're a great communicator.  It helps us build a better, more detailed website for you.

You're Working On Your Reviews

It's much easier to get your company awesome results if you have a great local reputation.  We can provide you with our review gathering app to make this task is even easier.

You Have Great Photos

If you have many great photos of your landscaping projects we can build a better looking, more credible website for you.  We love it when our customers can provide before & after photos.

You Want To Grow Your Business

If you're serious about growing your business and getting better leads you'll understand why our approach is so effective.  We take the growth of your business seriously and we know you do too!

A Great Web Presence For A Landscaping Contractor Doesn't Come Cheap Or Fast!

If you've read this far you've probably already figured out we're not going to be the cheapest website design and Internet Marketing team around.  We certainly aren't.  We charge a premium for what we do because we know how effective it is for our landscaping clients businesses.

While what we do isn't cheap, we make it easily attainable by offering a down payment and financing option for a period of 12 months.  This means we'll build and launch your landscaping website and begin optimizing it right away, before you've paid for the package in full.  We want to become an asset for your company, a great website will pay for itself over and over and over and over again.

So How Much Money Is This Going To Cost You?

It's going to cost $8000 over the period of 1 year.  There is a down payment of $2000 for us to build your website and set everything up.  Upon website launch you'll have 12 monthly payments of $500 which equal your $8000 total investment.

At the end of the first year you own the website free and clear.  It's yours.  If you're thinking "Carl!, WTF! that's too much money" then check out our starter package here.

With our structured payment system you get the benefit of not paying in full up-front and you can see your web presence working for you as you pay it off. 

As a business owner we know you don't mind paying when you get good results.  By structuring the payments the way we do we both win.

At the end of your first year you can choose to continue having us manage everything for $500/month or you can manage it on your own.  If you self-manage it is $497 per year and includes your website hosting, technical support, software licensing and updates, access to our review gathering app, and website backups.

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  • We need to use your business location for SEO purposes. It's OK if it's run from your home, but it's still a good idea to use it with all of your online marketing. It helps Search Engines determine your locality. DO NOT USE A PO BOX.
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  • If you already have some social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Local, Yahoo, Bing, Houzz or any others, please let us know here. We can find them if you don't list them, it just saves us time.
  • *Any requests for additional work outside of our proposal will be subject to additional quotes and billing for work completed.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered Here!

This package takes approximately 14 to 21 business days to produce as we have more setup and a lot of writing to complete.  Before we launch the website we'll go over it with you and make sure you're 100% happy with the final product and then when you say "go" we'll launch it for you.  Once the website is launched we can proceed with your citation and backlink building campaign and regular project case study posts to your blog.

That's a good question but a tough one to answer.  If your business has been around for a few years and you are advertising with other methods then you'll see results from the website very quickly.  If you're relying 100% on your website for new business than you'll need to allow 3-6 months to start seeing results.

You can certainly provide us with elements from other sites you might like and we offer some limited flexibility with the design.  If you leave it up to us you'll have a beautiful, professional website that will impress your potential clients. 

If you care about results, just let us do our thing and you'll be very happy with your website.  If you don't like the look of the sites we build then you'll probably want to hire someone else, I am just being straight up and honest with you.  Custom designs are just that "custom" and not necessarily proven to work well. 

When we design the site it's going to look great and help you attract more and better quality clients.

If you don't have very many photos of your work or the ones you have aren't the best quality, that's OK.  We can use stock photography on the website to get it rolling.  You'll want to replace any stock images with photos of your own work as soon as you can.

Yes!  Once the website has been paid in full you will have access to the website.  We use an extremely popular page builder software because it makes things really easy for our clients to go in and edit their websites.  We can provide video tutorials that show you how to add/edit content, create blog posts, add new photos, galleries, and before and after sliders too.

Yes!  Once the site has been paid for in full you will have access to add photos.  We use a very popular photo gallery software for WordPress that makes it super easy to add your own photos and organize them into specific galleries.  We even provide you with some video tutorials showing you exactly how to add your photos.

Once you've paid for the website you own it free and clear.  Your first year of hosting is included with the price.  The annual renewal is $497 per year and that includes your hosting, technical support, wordpress and plugin updates, daily site backups, and access to our review gathering app.  If you want to continue with our site management and content creation services it can be continued at $500/month.