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You should be receiving an auto-generated invoice within a few minutes for the deposit on your website package.  Please take care of this quickly to ensure your time is reserved and your project can be completed on-time.

Items We'll Still Need From You:

  • You'll need to have your @gmail.com account (for business).
  • You'll need to come up with an "About Us" page. (not urgent)
  • You'll need to let us know about your warranty.
  • You'll need to provide any testimonials you want us to use.
  • You'll need to provide any photos you'd like for us to use.

If you already have a website then we can probably re-use much of this information from there.  Any delay on your part to provide us with these items (if we're waiting on you) can cause unwanted delays with your project as we'll move onto the next customer in line if you make us wait.

Any Questions?

Carl Sorensen
1-250-738-0600 PST