What Are Your Customers Looking For?

What Are Your Customers Really Looking For?


What Are Your Customers Looking For?This is probably one of the most important questions to ask yourself when it comes to marketing your business online and most service based business owners get this totally wrong!

Let’s take the average remodeling contractor website for example… Many contractors make a point of making some of the following claims about their company.

Most Contractors Make a Point Of Mentioning

  • They are licensed and insured. (this is good)
  • They have lots of experience. (great)
  • Their sub-trades are reliable. (great)
  • Their employees are clean, courteous and drug-free. (great)

But do you really think your potential customer cares a great deal about this stuff…?  Sure it’s important, to a degree but don’t lose sight of what your customer is really looking for.  Maybe they want a bigger brighter, more functional kitchen.  They want a skylight, an island, new granite countertops and a tile floor or maybe it’s a bathroom, a basement or a new roof.  As a remodeling or home improvement contractor who specializes in bringing these dreams to reality, that’s what your website needs to sell.  Your website should push that end result to your clients.  What is the ultimate benefit you are providing?

The fact that you’re licensed and insured is great, the fact that you have lots of experience, that’s great too and it’s certainly worthy of mention but these types of claims are never going to be what really attracts new prospects through your website because everybody else is making the same claims.

Your website needs to paint a vivid picture of the end result your potential clients will experience when they choose you for their project.  If it’s kitchens that you want to focus on and attract prospects for then you need to explain to your visitors all of the benefits of a bigger, brighter kitchen, explain to them the increased storage space they’ll get with an island, the durability and elegant look of their new granite countertops and then upsell them on a heated floor if they’re thinking about tile already.

This stuff is sales 101 that 99% of business owners “get” in the real world of doing business belly-to-belly but when it comes to their websites, they almost always fall short on serving up what their customers want and then wonder who to blame for the lack of results their website or other marketing efforts aren’t delivering.

Don’t be the website that’s making all the same claims and promises as your nearest competitor, this does nothing to separate your businesses.  Take the time to think about what you’re customers are really, really looking for when they are searching for your services and focus on selling that end result to them.  You’ll generate more business from your website, period.

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