How To Create Great Looking Content For Your Contracting Website

Sometimes writing the content isn’t the hardest part about getting your website together, it’s getting the page to look “just right” and contain all of the right elements in all the right places to make it actually become an asset for your company.  When your web pages are setup properly, and look great, people will see the professionalism in your company and conversions will follow!

Below is an example of a nicely laid out web page from one of our painting contractor client websites.

How To Create Great Looking Website Content For Contractors
Social Media Integration

Absolutely a requirement if you plan on surviving the next 3 years on the Internet.  With a website platform like WordPress, social media integration is super simple with free plugins.

Immediate Call To Action

You need to give your visitors an immediate mechanism for them to take action, preferably in multiple locations on each page.

  • Phone number at the top and bottom of every page.
  • Quick Form on your homepage.
  • Quick Form on ALL of your service pages.

This is how you optimize a website to squeeze out every possible action you can from your visitors.  If you can just get them into your marketing funnel you will close more contracts.

500-1000 Words Of Targeted Content

You are an expert in your field so providing your designer with a paragraph or two about every service shouldn’t be too hard.  You don’t need to write a masterpiece either.

  • Add a picture to the top, it set’s the tone and keeps the visitors eye!
  • Explain the service, the process (if any) and any special precautions.
  • Explain everything that is included in the service. (removal/installation/cleanup/followup, etc…)
  • Explain your warranty/guarantee for this particular service
  • Bulleted Lists are PERFECT for setting up content 🙂

Testimonials From Happy Clients

These should be neatly organized on every page of your website.  We install and setup a custom “Testimonials Manager” for our web design clients that neatly organizes and inserts random testimonials into every page of your website.  Just like the example above.

Testimonials on every page help reinforce your visitors decision to choose you and it makes it easy for them to read them!  If they have to click to find your testimonials, they might not ever!  So serve them up right next to the service you offer.

Affiliates And Organizations You Belong To

This is not only important for boosting the online credibility of your company but can also help your search engine ranking.

  • Add your BBB or Chamber of Commerce Badge to every page of your website.
  • Add any professional organizations or affiliations you might belong to.
  • JOIN some of these organizations if you haven’t already.

This also helps your SEO because when you join these organizations you usually get a profile on their website.  These profiles include info about your company and a website link.  These links back to your website from trusted organizations are very important for your ranking.

Gallery With Relevant Pictures

Probably one of the most important parts of your website if you have a visual type business such as remodeling, painting, siding, etc… Not so much if you’re a plumber!  It’s important that you organize your gallery into separate folders so that you can serve up photos relevant to what your visitor wants to see…

If they come to your kitchen remodeling page, they want to see pictures of kitchens you’ve remodeled.  Same for any other service you offer, show them photos related to the service.

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