Why WordPress For A Small Business Website?


Here Are A Few Reasons…


If you’re not in the “know” the term “WordPress” probably makes absolutely no sense to you whatsoever.  But…, If you’re a small business owner and you’re looking for a killer new website that’s going to give you a rock solid online presence to generate more clients then WordPress is something you should be looking into.


WordPress was originally created as a blogging software, and was quickly adopted by web developers as a very fast and efficient way to put up stunning, professional websites that not only looked amazing, but drastically cut down on development time and put the client back in control over the simple things like adding pictures, new content and blog posts.


Here are a few reasons why WordPress is a GREAT choice for your small business.


1.  A Solid Foundation – WordPress is like having a supercharged big block V8 running everything behind the scenes of your website.  It provides the platform for you to display and manage all of your website content from menus, to pages, to blog posts, to pictures and videos.  With a developer community in the hundreds of thousands and millions of users worldwide it’s a widely supported platform and can be worked on by almost all current web designers and marketers.  WordPress is frequently updated, and the software itself can be updated at the click of a button through your own admin panel making it a very “future-proof” web solution, that won’t become obsolete on you.


2.  Control Over Your Content – You have the ability to create new pages, add posts to your blog, add your pictures, organize photo galleries and albums and edit any of the existing content.  Everything is easily accessible to you through your WordPress backoffice.  You will no longer be at the mercy of your web designer to make small but meaningful changes to your website.



3.  It’s Scaleable – Capable of managing unlimited pages and unlimited blog posts a WordPress website can easily grow with your business.  For example, if you wanted to add a few new services to your website.  You’d simply click the “Add Page” button in your admin panel and start typing!  You could assign the page to a drop down menu at the click of a button and then hit publish and the page is live.


4.  One Click Design Change – Because WordPress is like the “engine” under the hood, we can change the paintjob on the car at anytime… What am I talking about…?  Let’s say you start out with a smaller website budget than you expected, choosing wordpress would allow your web designer to quickly deploy a website for you, choosing from 1000’s of pre-designed themes. Eventually when you’re budget allows your web designer could create a custom theme for your website.  Because wordpress is “running the scenes” the actual engine behind your website is ALWAYS there.  This drastically cuts down on development time.

5.  WordPress Plugins – The developer community for WordPress is hugely talented, and there are thousands of “plug-ins” available to a WordPress webmaster.  What’s a “plug-in”?  It’s a web application that might do something COOL for your website such as a Nexgen Photo Gallery, A Slideshow, A Featured Content Gallery, Rotating Testimonials Manager, Google Maps, SEO tools and more.  Most plugins for wordpress are totally free, and many can even be customized or professionally setup by your web designer to suit your specific website needs.  Because the applications are already built, and free to use and implement on your website this drastically cuts down on design/programming costs.  Plugins can quickly be activated or de-activated from within your WordPress admin panel.


6.  Blog Integration – If you’re looking at a new website, or trying to promote your current website then you’ve probably heard that blogging can help your website rise through the ranks in the search engines.  That’s partially true… WordPress is actually a blogging platform, so your WordPress website will already have a built in blog.  You can create categories, and add new posts at anytime you like.  The more you post on your blog the more pages you have out there in cyberspace pulling in traffic and leads.


7.  SEO Friendly – Search Engines love WordPress websites thanks to the built in “ping” feature.  When you updated your content, or add new pages or blog posts your website automatically “pings” content directories and blogging directories to let them know your content has been updated.  There are also various SEO “plug-ins” that are available to be integrated into WordPress as well.


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