5 Fatal Mistakes Most Contractors Make With Their Websites.

5 Fatal Mistakes Most Contractors Make With Their Websites.

Mistake #1. Home Built Websites – Don’t get me wrong… It’s okay to design and build your own website but it’s going to look like you’ve built it yourself.

This may not be a good thing. Commonly people will try to use a free online site builder such as homestead or freewebs. This does not look very professional and your site is usually riddled with 3rd party advertisements until you pay to upgrade. Sites4Contractors offers several pre-built templates so all you need to do is add your own text and pictures. These are templates specifically designed with contractors in mind.

Mistake #2. No Virtual Handshake – When a potential client lands on your website they will probably want to learn a little more about you. I call this a “virtual handshake”. It’s just a simple page that talks a little about you, your experience, and the services you offer. It’s a great way to build rapport with potential clients before you’ve ever spoken to them. If somebody Knows, Likes & Trusts you there is a really good chance you’ll be able to earn their business. There are too many contractors websites out there that lack this basic necessity. Think about it… If you were walking onto a potential clients jobsite for the first time would you wear a paper bag over your head…? Most likely not… Don’t treat your website any differently.

Mistake #3. Not Enough Pictures – When a potential client is perusing through your website nothing speaks louder about the quality of your work then pictures of past projects. In this day and age almost everyone has a digital camera so there should be no reason why you couldn’t have 5,10 or even 20 pictures on your site to showcase your work to others. No need to pack a binder full of pictures to hand people, let your website do the talking. You’ll save more time.  Remember… When someone is looking for a contractor, they aren’t really looking for a contractor… What they really want is a nicer bathroom, a bigger and brighter kitchen, a finished basement, you get the idea…  Show your potential clients the results!

Mistake #4. Lack Of Details – It’s important that your website be able to answer many of the simple and common questions you get asked on a daily basis. In order to do this you need to gather up some details about your services.

Who is your crew?
What do you charge on average?
What is your experience/credentials/certification?
What specific services do you provide?
What is the average time to complete a specific job?

These are just some of the questions that could be easily answered on your website. Sadly many contractor websites are nothing more then a contact me page… No details, No pictures, or if there is provisions it’s almost never updated!

Mistake #5. Poor Marketing – This is probably the most critically import mistake you want to avoid. Designs studios can charge you $1000’s for a really nice looking website but then you still need to get people to see it if you want to generate any business.

Many design studios offer search engine optimization packages that once again cost many $1000’s of dollars.

If you want your website to generate fresh new business then you MUST be found in the search engines for local searches related to the services you provide. For Example. If you’re a plumber serving the Duncan, BC area you want to make darn sure when someone hops onto Google, Yahoo or MSN and types in “Duncan BC Plumber” you show up somewhere on the first page.

Make your website easy to find for potential clients in your local area and you’ll start generating more business as a result.

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