Website Backups

Do You Know Who’s Backing Up Your Website?

We've been building websites for local service based business owners since 2007.  Since that time we have yet to speak with a customer or potential ...
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What Are Citations?

What Are Citations and How Do They Help Your Contracting Business?

Let's start off with what a Citation really is.  Citations in the Search Engine world could be considered "mentions" of your business NAP (Name, Address ...
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What Are Your Customers Looking For?

What Are Your Customers Really Looking For?

  This is probably one of the most important questions to ask yourself when it comes to marketing your business online and most service based ...
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Why Hire Sites4Contractors.Com?

Why Hire Us To Design Your Website?

Why Should You Hire Sites4Contractors.Com to build and manage your website for your local service based business?  It's simple... Because you care about your business ...
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How To Create Great Looking Content For Your Contracting Website

Sometimes writing the content isn't the hardest part about getting your website together, it's getting the page to look "just right" and contain all of the right ...
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How Many Pages Should Your Website Have?

How Many Pages Should Your Website Have?   This is a question we run into often and almost with every single client.  Some people seem ...
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Improving Local Search Rank For Contractors & Small Business Owners

There are many ways to help your business become more visible on the web and one of them is to get your business listed in ...
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Why WordPress For A Small Business Website?

  Here Are A Few Reasons...   If you're not in the "know" the term "Wordpress" probably makes absolutely no sense to you whatsoever.  But..., ...
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Why Would A Contractor Need A Great Website?

It's really quite simple... The primary reason Contractors need a great website is to help them generate more business.  The secondary purpose of your website ...
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Choosing The Right Domain Name For Your Contracting Business

How Do You Choose The Right Domain Name For Your Contracting Business...?    Purchasing your domain name is a fairly straight forward deal... Choosing the ...
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