Why Would A Contractor Need A Great Website?

It’s really quite simple… The primary reason Contractors need a great website is to help them generate more business.  The secondary purpose of your website should be to answer simple and commonly asked questions, showcase some of your projects, and make it extremely easy to generate more referral business. A well designed website will be the hardest working, most valuable employee you’ll ever have. It will be up and working 24 hours a day 7 days a week sharing you and your services with any potential clients.

When people are looking for information typically they want it as fast as possible… Instantly is best. It’s the year 2010. When someone in your local area jumps onto a search engine to search for someone providing your services who do you want them to find…?

You…? Or One Of Your Competitors…?

While it may be the year 2010 it’s still staggering how many contractors really don’t think they need a website… The most common line is “I am already too busy, I don’t need anymore work…” or “it’s too expensive”

If you’re competing against other contractors who HAVE websites then you’re losing business to them guaranteed.I’ll say it again… When someone in your area needs a contractors services I will almost guarantee you the majority of them will go online and start their search there. They want to find the information they are seeking instantly or as fast as possible.

The phone book can be time consuming to get out and look you up… If you’re even listed. Yellow Page ads cannot provide close to the level of information that even the most simple of websites can at a fraction of the cost.

Does it mean cancel your Yellow Page ad? No… It means maybe get a smaller one with your new website address. The money you save on Yellow Pages will probably pay for your website. And when potential clients find you they will be able to learn about you and what you do immediately by going to your website.

Let me ask you… How much time do you waste in a day answering some of the simple yet commonly asked questions associated with your business?

Probably a lot more then you like… A website makes it easy for your clients and potential clients to get their questions answered 24 hours a day. Your cell phone doesn’t need to ring endlessly and you can spend more time on the activities that produce your income.

Don’t have a website built for all of the reasons above alone though…

Have a great website built because you take your business seriously and you want your clients and potential clients to know this as well. Take a step up on your competitors and showcase your services.

Just Remember… People do business with those whom they Know, Like & Trust.

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